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Your email inbox is a valuable place. No leader wants their inbox clogged up with junk that distracts them from what really matters.

That's where "A Ministry Leader's Email" is different. I compile at least five links for you that include some of the best content from around the ministry world. No need to find it yourself, I'll send the best stuff to your inbox every Friday morning. I also include some of the latest from my website along with some encouragement.

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We fuel pastors for ministry by encouraging them, helping develop and support their ministry goals, and providing a fraternity of other pastors to connect with in six weeks of face-to-face, online interaction.

The only cost to participate is a six-hour investment of your time. Get started in a Fuel Group today!

Upcoming dates

Group #1 - all times eST

  1. Friday, October 13 @ 1:00pm
  2. Friday, October 20 @ 1:00pm
  3. Friday, October 27 @ 1:00pm
  4. Friday, November 3 @ 1:00pm
  5. Friday, November 10 @ 1:00pm
  6. Friday, November 17 @ 1:00pm 

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