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All about that "braap!"

I recently started riding motorcycles. Let me tell you the story of how that came to pass, and then I'll introduce you to how you can connect with Riding Pastors. 

I have wanted to ride for a long time. I knew I would love it. But my story is similar to many other men I know…have wife, have kids, no chance on two wheels. As time has gone on, my wife has softened to the idea of me riding a motorcycle.

Friends of mine at the campus got wind of it and decided to buy me as a gift, a motorcycle riding course at a local Harley Davidson Dealer. They also chipped in some gear money. It was one of the greatest gifts ever. So I went off for a couple of days last April and got my motorcycle license. 

I don't own a motorcycle so in order to practice I reached out on Facebook and asked if I could ride a motorcycle for the weekend. Another friend of mine, who travels for work a lot, had a Harley in his garage, not getting much use. So he gave it to me to ride until some time in the future. He's the coolest, ever! Just up and handed me his Harley. So I'm riding a 2006 Night Train (pics below). It's very addicting.

Give your inbox something to look forward to.  Click here to get started .

Give your inbox something to look forward to. Click here to get started.

This brings me to Riding Pastors. I am looking to connect with pastors from around the country and world who ride motorcycles. My goal is to find other pastors who ride and to connect them to other pastors who ride. If you are one of those, I'd love to connect with you over on Twitter or our Facebook Group. If you know a pastor who rides, I'd love for you to connect them me through this website, or send them to Twitter and Facebook for me. 

Here's looking forward to many more miles on the open road. Looking forward to connecting with you as we ride on!