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Your email inbox is a valuable place. No leader wants their inbox clogged up with junk that distracts them from what really matters.

That's where "A Ministry Leader's Email" is different. I compile at least five links for you that include some of the best content from around the ministry world. No need to find it yourself, I'll send the best stuff to your inbox every Friday morning. I also include some of the latest from my website along with some encouragement.

Sign up today and receive a FREE copy of Stan's new eBook, "The Art of Self-Leadership."

"The Art of Self-Leadership" is all about practical ways to lead yourself. King David finds himself in an extremely difficult leadership situation where 600 of his men have turned on him and want to stone him to death. With no kings to talk to, no one to get advice from, David has to lead himself. Learn more about five practical areas where pastors must develop the discipline to lead themselves.

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