Sustainable Goals

049 - Sustainable New Year's Goals

It's no secret that every year we set new resolutions and goals for the New Year. By the end of January some 80-90% of people will have given up on their goals already. Less than 10% will actually accomplish their goals over the course of the year. Join Tom Pounder and I as we discuss approaching your goals in a sustainable way. Quick shout out to Jon Acuff for his book, "Finish." Some of my thoughts were founded in his work in that book.


  1. Set realistic goals - not running once in 2017 and setting a goal to run a marathon in February 2018 is not realistic.
  2. Learn from others - what are other churches or ministries who are just ahead of you doing?
  3. Manageable chunks - break your goals down into small steps I call "manageable chunks." 
  4. Inspiring people - surround yourself with people who will inspire you toward your goals.
  5. Find the right tool - find a productivity tool that helps you the most. I use the "Week Dominator" at It allows you to break down your yearly goal into quarters, months, weeks and days. I love this tool.
  6. Write it down - writing things down can help you to remember what you're after and to keep you focused on it.
  7. Use automated tools - there are tools out there that can help you put certain systems into place that will happen automatically behind the scenes.
  8. You are not Carey Nieuwhof!

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