Muddy Jeans

034 - Let's Get Real

Did you know that you can buy jeans that look muddy from Neiman Marcus starting at around $350. Perhaps you've seen them on your Facebook feed recently. They are everywhere. Our society is so desperate for authenticity that we will even fake it to try and make it look real.

And this trouble isn't isolated to our society. We are society and pastors, church leaders, ministers all fall prey to fake authenticity. Because we are leading people, we want to appear to be perfect. Our Instagram feed looks like a J. Crew catalog. Our Facebook stories are the best of us. We only publish the sharpest looking 140 characters on Twitter so that no one knows we're dying on the inside.

Pastor, I want to encourage you to find someone you can be real with. Yes, we can't walk around and drop all of the worst of our lives to every barista or bank teller we meet. But we need someone we can be real with. Someone who knows what really makes our jeans muddy. What really wears us down. You need someone in your corner. Let's stop pretending as if we have it all together. 

How does this work for you? I would love to hear from you about how you handle this topic. What you find works best for authenticity or accountability for you.