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033 - Ministry That Lasts

It's a somewhat common story. A leader gets discouraged in a ministry. The thoughts occurs that it's time to move to another place. And they leave their ministry to try something new or in a different context. Leaving a ministry isn't always bad, there are definite times when that may be the step that is needed. But I wanted to talk to Dave Ferguson about staying in ministry for the long-haul.

Dave Ferguson celebrated 28 years at Community Christian Church in Chicago, IL this year. We have gotten to know each other through mutual connections and the Exponential Conference. Links for Exponential are below. If you are in a place wondering if leaving your current ministry is for you, take a minute and listen to this firs.t Join us for a conversation about ministry that last; how to stay in ministry long-term. 

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Exponential Conference -

New Thing Network -

Dave Ferguson -

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Finding Your Way Back to God -

Starting Over -

Practical Help |

Dave mentioned "RPMS," a journaling tool to help assess where you are as a leader. How are you doing Relationally, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually.

How are you in your relationships with family and friends? Are things good there or do you have some work to do?

How are you physically? Are you taking care of your body? Getting a workout in? Eating well?

How are you mentally? Are you taking time to stay up to date on the latest news. Are you current on what's happening in the world? Is your mind right for ministry?

How are you doing spiritually? Are you taking time for God? Have you allowed to-do lists to take over? Are you operating on empty?

Begin journaling RPMS to get a sense and gauge of your personal and ministry health.


Photo courtesy - Exponential Conference & Joshua Shank with Rocket Republic


024 - Lead From Second

I am partnering with my friend, Tom Pounder, from The YM Sidekick Podcast, to create a new resource for campus pastors. A Facebook group called Lead From Second. If you are in any leadership role in ministry that is not the lead person, this will be a great community for you. We are excited to partner with you in this community to help you impact eternity.

You can check out the group here,

If we get to 150 members in the first week beginning Monday, February 6th, we are giving away an Amazon Fire TV Stick. If we get to 300 members in the first week, we will also give away a 24" TV. So come join us and then help us spread the word.

009 - LIVE From Exponential Regional DC

The Exponential Conference is one of the best conferences I have ever attended. If you are thinking about planting a church, are a current ministry leader or a part of a church network and want to connect to more people, Exponential provides all of that and more. You can find them at

In this episode, I talk to some of the sponsors, volunteers, attendees and speakers at the Exponential Regional event. I hope it gives you a glimpse into what Exponential is like as well as some encouragement to reach out for some of the great resources they offer. You won't regret it.

Best quotes |

"I smile and wave all the time. I'm extremely friendly." Beth Spalding (volunteer)

"I loved it so much, I think I'm going to come back tomorrow." James Parker (attendee)

"We help churches bring their story to life through environmental storytelling." Josh (Wave)

"We are all about starting healthy churches." Dale Spaulding (Passion4Planting)

"It's not about conferences. It's not about learning communities. It's about moving the needle toward multiplication." Bill Couchenour (Exponential)

"I like finding ways to tell stories that haven't been told yet." Don Smith (Wave)

"We have a special program specifically for start up church and mobile churches." Bjorn (National Church Group)

"We come alongside church planters to help them do what God has called them to do." Tom Herrick (Titus Institute)

"I'm empowered to equip others around me." Merton Huff (Attendee)

"Church planting saved my life." Michael Bartlett (Church Planter)

"What I love about Exponential the most, is its a gathering of the church, capital C." Josh Burnett (Revolution Annapolis)

"Stay hungry. Stay humble. Honor people. Rest a lot." Ryan Kwon (Church Planter)

"I love interacting with people from all different backgrounds who all share the same heart for church planting." Neil Wheeler (Waypoint Church Partners)

Great links |

  1. Exponential Conference -
  2. Wave -
  3. Passion4Planting -
  4. New Life Christian Church -
  5. The nZone -
  6. Equip Studio -
  7. National Church Group -
  8. Titus Institute for Church Planting -
  9. The Frederick Project -
  10. Revolution Annapolis -
  11. Resonate Church -
  12. Waypoint Church Partners -