040 - Leading Volunteers

Recently it seems the topic of volunteers has been coming up a lot in my area. I decided to sit down and discuss the topic of caring for volunteers a little bit more with New Life's Online Campus Pastor, Tom Pounder. He shares some of his insight into leading volunteers for more than just an outcome, but also because we care for them as image bearers of God. Leaders want the best for their volunteers, not because it's good for the leader, but because by it we help volunteers live out the passions God has hard-wired into them.

Much of our conversation came down to these things:

  1. We are stewards of volunteers, not owners!
  2. Get to know volunteers outside of the "work environment!"
  3. Take time to train and disciple your volunteers!
  4. Celebrate the wins with them!
  5. Take responsibility when they don't win!

Take a listen here to episode 040 of the podcast.

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033 - Ministry That Lasts

It's a somewhat common story. A leader gets discouraged in a ministry. The thoughts occurs that it's time to move to another place. And they leave their ministry to try something new or in a different context. Leaving a ministry isn't always bad, there are definite times when that may be the step that is needed. But I wanted to talk to Dave Ferguson about staying in ministry for the long-haul.

Dave Ferguson celebrated 28 years at Community Christian Church in Chicago, IL this year. We have gotten to know each other through mutual connections and the Exponential Conference. Links for Exponential are below. If you are in a place wondering if leaving your current ministry is for you, take a minute and listen to this firs.t Join us for a conversation about ministry that last; how to stay in ministry long-term. 

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Dave mentioned "RPMS," a journaling tool to help assess where you are as a leader. How are you doing Relationally, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually.

How are you in your relationships with family and friends? Are things good there or do you have some work to do?

How are you physically? Are you taking care of your body? Getting a workout in? Eating well?

How are you mentally? Are you taking time to stay up to date on the latest news. Are you current on what's happening in the world? Is your mind right for ministry?

How are you doing spiritually? Are you taking time for God? Have you allowed to-do lists to take over? Are you operating on empty?

Begin journaling RPMS to get a sense and gauge of your personal and ministry health.


Photo courtesy - Exponential Conference & Joshua Shank with Rocket Republic


032 - Easter's Over! Now what?

It's so easy to end up depressed after a weekend like Easter. We put so much pressure on ourselves as pastors and ministry leaders to perform and reach certain goals. Sometimes those goals don't happen and our temptation is to get down and beat ourselves up. I want to encourage you away from that this week.

God did great things at my church and I know He did them at yours as well. So let's talk about that and let's talk about how to capitalize on some of that momentum. I'm going to focus on three very simple things.

1) Share with your core some of the great stuff that God did. Share stories of people you met. Share stories of newcomers and people who invited their neighbors. Share all the good stuff you can think of with the people who are most crucial to your ministry success. This helps them to see that their effort and time wasn't wasted and that God did indeed use it to change lives. This gears them up for the next time you put on a full court press.

2) Focus on your relationship with God. You put a lot of pressure on yourself this weekend. And if we're really honest with ourselves, often times we believe the success of a weekend like Easter is more on us than it is God. This is a great time to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and focus on your relationship with Him. Remind yourself how much you rely on God for all that you have and do. Remind yourself of the cross and how much you need Jesus. Stop relying on yourself for power and strength, and engage your relationship with God!

3) Remind your people what's coming. Maybe another event is on its way. Maybe something is coming down the pike. Capitalize on the momentum you gained at Easter by continuing to focus forward. It's much easier to keep the flywheel moving at this point than it is to wait three month and then try to kick start it all over again. Pretty sure Jim Collins had a really great principle about that in Good To Great

I would love to hear some of your Easter stories. How did God show up at your church or in your ministry? Where did you see God at work? Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter to share your story. You can also share with me on my Contact page. Links below for iTunes viewers.

Can't wait to hear from you all. Hope you had a great Easter!

030 - All Things Easter Promotion

We all know Easter is right around the corner. You want everyone to know what is going on at your church or ministry on Easter Sunday. So how do you spread the word? Join in on the conversation with Ben Osterhaus, owner of Brand Army, to talk about standing out from the crowd this Easter season.

Ben is the official branding guy for New Life Christian Church. You can learn more by listening to the podcast or by checking out some of the links below.

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"Never assume you are the person you are trying to reach."

"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does." - Steuart Henderson Britt

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14' flag banners Ben created for the Linton Hall Campus.

14' flag banners Ben created for the Linton Hall Campus.