061 - You Were Made To Make Disciples

This conversation takes place on July 28, 2019. I had my friend and disciple maker, Jeff McDaniel, come and join me at New Life Linton Hall. Our goal was to give clarity to what it actually means to “make disciples.”

We discuss very practically, some opportunities for everyone to take next steps in being a disciple who makes disciples. In many ways it boils down to these things:

  1. Experience Jesus personally!

  2. Abide in Christ daily through Scripture reading and prayer!

  3. Share your experience with Jesus with someone you know who doesn’t know Christ!

We discuss very practical next steps that you can take within any 24-hour period to become a disciple who makes disciples.

060 - You Were Made To Follow Jesus!

This sermon was recorded during New Life’s “Made” series. The big idea is simply, “You were made to be covered in the dust of your Rabbi.”

The premise flows from a writing in Avot 1:4 in the Mishna. When we read the Bible with Western eyes, we miss the absolute beauty and brilliance of what God is up to and how it all fits together. Following Jesus is about far more than learning a few facts in a Bible study. It is about being completely covered in the dust from His feet because we are following Him so closely.

Follower of Jesus - Church - my prayer for you is that you will be covered in the dust of your Rabbi, Jesus!

032 - Easter's Over! Now what?

It's so easy to end up depressed after a weekend like Easter. We put so much pressure on ourselves as pastors and ministry leaders to perform and reach certain goals. Sometimes those goals don't happen and our temptation is to get down and beat ourselves up. I want to encourage you away from that this week.

God did great things at my church and I know He did them at yours as well. So let's talk about that and let's talk about how to capitalize on some of that momentum. I'm going to focus on three very simple things.

1) Share with your core some of the great stuff that God did. Share stories of people you met. Share stories of newcomers and people who invited their neighbors. Share all the good stuff you can think of with the people who are most crucial to your ministry success. This helps them to see that their effort and time wasn't wasted and that God did indeed use it to change lives. This gears them up for the next time you put on a full court press.

2) Focus on your relationship with God. You put a lot of pressure on yourself this weekend. And if we're really honest with ourselves, often times we believe the success of a weekend like Easter is more on us than it is God. This is a great time to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and focus on your relationship with Him. Remind yourself how much you rely on God for all that you have and do. Remind yourself of the cross and how much you need Jesus. Stop relying on yourself for power and strength, and engage your relationship with God!

3) Remind your people what's coming. Maybe another event is on its way. Maybe something is coming down the pike. Capitalize on the momentum you gained at Easter by continuing to focus forward. It's much easier to keep the flywheel moving at this point than it is to wait three month and then try to kick start it all over again. Pretty sure Jim Collins had a really great principle about that in Good To Great

I would love to hear some of your Easter stories. How did God show up at your church or in your ministry? Where did you see God at work? Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter to share your story. You can also share with me on my Contact page. Links below for iTunes viewers.

Can't wait to hear from you all. Hope you had a great Easter!