Hugh Halter

050 - Vision, Strategy and Values

I invited Daniel Im to come and speak with me on the topic of vision, strategy and values. He recently shared a 90-second video with Lifeway Leadership on these three things. I asked him to come and break it down a little further and to spend time getting practical on how we develop these three areas in ministry.


  1. Bi-vocational Ministry - Lifeway is developing a pathway for bi-vocational pastors at new
  2. 90-second Video - distinguishing vision, strategy and values.
  3. Your strategy can be broken down into two strands: leadership pipeline and discipleship pathway.
  4. Four categories to discover vision through a "Vision Audit": community history, community context, church people and church leadership context.
  5. Prepare for strategic trade-offs in your ministry. You must be as prepared for what you say "No" to as what you say "Yes" to.
  6. If everyone can say "Yes" to your values, they aren't clear enough.

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