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046 - First Rate First Impressions

It isn't just a cultural idea that the church has to be great at first impressions or guest services. It's more than that. It's biblical. We are called to be great hosts and to love people as strangers. When someone walks into our churches for the very first time, they are likely a stranger. What are you doing to welcome them and help them feel at ease? 

In this episode, listen in on my conversation with Dave Hileman of Waypoint Church Partners. Dave shares great insight and wisdom when it comes to creating a great first impression. Churches can and must do better in this area. With so few people returning after a first visit for a second visit, we need to remove every barrier we can so that they can come and hear from God. This conversation is a great starting point for you and your team.

Our conversation boils down to...

  1. Only 22% of first-time guests will become second-time guests.
  2. Hospitality is a sacred responsibility in the Old and New Testaments.
  3. There's no excuse to not have great signage for people to know where to go next.
  4. A first rate first impression will require training and accountability.
  5. Gather your first impressions team 30 minutes before church to regroup, pray for newcomers and to get pumped up for the day.
  6. Don't lead to not lose volunteers. Lead to find the right volunteers for the role.

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