054 - Tools for Communicating Easter Effectively

Easter is barely over a month away. We are nearly down to crunch time. One thing that surely is left to do is to communicate to your regular attenders as well as those outside of your church, about what it is that you have going on. You will want to invite them to an event potentially. You also have special stuff planned for Easter Sunday. Maybe new service times. You also have multiple ministries and opportunities for next steps. Whatever it is, you have to communicate it all effectively or run the risk of not being heard at all.

In this episode, I talk with Jeanette Yates, a Communications Director from Jacksonville, FL. She has a heart and passion for ministry and people coming to know Jesus. She helps make that happen through communicating church events and happenings effectively in a variety of ways. In this episode she shares great tools for communicating Easter effectively.

Highlights |

  1. Churches, stay away from Psalm 53:1 this Easter.
  2. Your audience at Easter is slightly different than at other times of year.
  3. Keep in mind that for those not familiar with faith, the resurrection story can be complex to understand in one sitting.
  4. Have a clear call to action on Easter Sunday.
  5. Tool #1: Facebook Live! Use it to pray for people or have some fun by sharing a quiz to help engage your audience.
  6. Tool #2: Facebook Groups! This tools allows people to follow your devotions or Easter preparations in a more private place.
  7. Don't be afraid to create a Facebook ad to share with your community.
  8. Using Instagram Stories is a great way to share the behind the scenes of what is happening at your church Easter morning.
  9. Tool #3: Text in Church! Create keywords and automated follow up through email, texts or reminders to place a phone call to your guests.
  10. Easter is a way to help people get to the on ramp that helps them find life and hope in Christ.
  11. Connecting people to Jesus is the Super Bowl. Easter is the start of the playoffs. Don't miss this opportunity with people.

Links |

  1. Jeanette Yates - http://twitter.com/jnetteyates
  2. Previous Episodes with Jeanette - http://www.stanrodda.com/podcast/2017/9/25/043-storytelling-and-the-generation-gap
  3. Two Church Girls and a Microphone - http://twochurchgirls.com
  4. Text in Church - http://textinchurch.com
  5. Easter Ad Pack - https://www.easteradpack.com/easteradpack

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