053 - Lessons Learned Over 18 Years of Marriage

Misty Rodda makes her way back onto the show this time to share some of the lessons we have learned over 18 years of marriage. She was last on the podcast in episode 005 to share lessons for 20-something, pastor's wives. That was a great episode and one of the most popular. We have a lot of fun in this episode and probably ramble a little too much, but it was still fun. This is a great episode as we approach Valentine's Day 2018.

Highlights |

  1. Lesson numero uno gentleman is that she is better than you.
  2. Lesson #1: Your differences are a positive, not a negative.
  3. Lesson #2: Marriage actually requires sacrifice and commitment. You actually can't think about yourself all the time and expect it to work.
  4. Lesson #3: Clear expectations are vitally important.
  5. There are seasons in life when one spouse will have to carry more of the load than the other spouse. Realize it's a season and offer grace when your spouse can't offer 100%.
  6. Lesson #4: Your marriage is not expendable. Stop basing it on your feelings.
  7. It is pure arrogance to say you know better than God how your marriage should work.
  8. When you're not "feeling it" in marriage, it's time to: get over yourself, admit you don't have it all together, get some counseling, water the grass in your own backyard and go home and love your spouse.
  9. Lesson #5: Don't overcomplicate the idea of dating your spouse.
  10. Ask the questions: how can I pray for you and what's one thing I can do for you today?
  11. Your spouse is NOT the enemy. You are in a spiritual battle for your marriage.

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