055 - Light in a Cyber World

Like a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden, Christians are called to be the light of the world. But in recent years, that has become far more than just the real world. It's more than where we interact with neighbors and co-workers or even the person checking us out at the grocery store. The world has gone digital and we are called to be a light of the cyber world.

In this episode my guest, Haley Bodine, shares 4 practical things that Christians need to think through before posting online. Whether that be a status update, a comment on a post or a retweet on Twitter. This is a great conversation that every believer needs to pay careful attention to. I also share in this episode a recent mistake I made on Facebook to try and give some context to the conversation. 

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Haley Bodine and her family now call metro Detroit “home.” She currently serves as the North American Relationship Catalyst and Communications Director for NewThing Network. She has a background in small group ministry, nonprofit communications, and content development. Her work has been published by Relevant Magazine, World Vision International, Neue Magazine, and more.


  1. Haley's worst nightmare is showing up to a band concert only to discover her instrument's reed is broken.
  2. "We must remember that even though we cannot see actual people on the other side of our screens, we are interacting with real people who have real, God-given souls."
  3. Four things to consider before posting: will it build others up, is it truthful, does it reflect the character of Jesus and does it honor the image of God imprinted on others.

"We are the Light of the Cyber World!" -http://www.christianitytoday.com/edstetzer/2018/january/we-are-light-of-cyber-world-lets-act-like-it.html

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