052 - Courage To Lead

In this conversation, I talk with Shawn Lovejoy about his coaching ministry, Courage to Lead. He is having the time of his life pastoring pastors. Shawn has seen some of the great successes of the mega church. He is a church planter. He has great insight and practical wisdom when it comes to ministry. 

We talk specifically about Courage to Lead, but then also touch on systems, teams and culture. Every tension in ministry can be boiled down to these three growth gears; right system, right team and right culture. Shawn breaks this down for us in this episode.


  1. Some of us are great players, others of us are better coaches.
  2. We coach leaders through what keeps us up at night.
  3. The three growth gears of ministry: right system, teams and culture
  4. Every church is perfectly structured for the results they're getting now.
  5. We wait on God to grow our ministry, but God is waiting on us to structure for growth.
  6. If the only way someone can be saved is to meet with me (the pastor), then I'm the bottleneck on our ability to grow.
  7. A system is a bridge that moves things and people from where they are to where they need to be.
  8. The majority of people are introverts. Rise introverts!
  9. We assimilated 500 people into small groups in a 2-week period of time because we utilized the power of a simple step.
  10. It's lazier to sit around and check my inbox to see if someone needs me than to be intentional about creating systems.


Courage to Lead - http://www.couragetolead.com

Shawn Lovejoy - http://twitter.com/shawnlovejoy

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