040 - Leading Volunteers

Recently it seems the topic of volunteers has been coming up a lot in my area. I decided to sit down and discuss the topic of caring for volunteers a little bit more with New Life's Online Campus Pastor, Tom Pounder. He shares some of his insight into leading volunteers for more than just an outcome, but also because we care for them as image bearers of God. Leaders want the best for their volunteers, not because it's good for the leader, but because by it we help volunteers live out the passions God has hard-wired into them.

Much of our conversation came down to these things:

  1. We are stewards of volunteers, not owners!
  2. Get to know volunteers outside of the "work environment!"
  3. Take time to train and disciple your volunteers!
  4. Celebrate the wins with them!
  5. Take responsibility when they don't win!

Take a listen here to episode 040 of the podcast.

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