BONUS Episode 001

Welcome to BONUS Episode 001. In this episode, I simply want to share in a few minutes with all of you a couple of changes in my life recently that have increased my productivity and outlook. But before we get there, the Stan Rodda Podcast is growing!!! Woo hoo! Thanks to all of you for being an amazing community of listeners. We are up around 243 listeners every week on the show. I want to ask you to help me continue spreading the word about the podcast. You can do that in two ways: 1. Simply share the podcast with one friend in ministry who you think might benefit from the content. 2. Leave a 5-star review on iTunes. Helps make it more visible for others as they search ministry podcasts.

And again, "Thank you," to everyone who is joining me on this journey. It has been a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next 50 episodes of the show with you. Now, on to the content.

The two things I have changed boil down to this...

1) Beat The Sun!

I'm waking up at 5:00am every day. My previous schedule has been centered around working late, even until midnight. My work got very sloppy, I wasn't on top of my game, that decreases productivity and was increasing my anxiety as a result. Waking up at 5:00am has allowed me to prepare my day with God, to focus on my relationship with Him and to ask what He wants me to accomplish that day. I'm more prepared, productive and actually leading my day not the other way around.

2) Lose The Weight!

I am down 20lbs thanks to some great coaching from Greg Oraham. You will hear him in episode 044 of the podcast as he shares about fitness and the life of the pastor. I have more energy than I have in years. My outlook on life is way more positive. I feel more in control and honestly, I just feel better. 

I want to encourage you in those two things. Give them a try and see if they don't help you transform your productivity levels and your outlook on life.

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