043 - Storytelling and the Generation Gap

The world of church communications is a quickly changing world. Everything from email to social media, video and apps like SnapChat. How do you as a pastor or ministry leader make sense of it all? Not only do you have to navigate what feels like overwhelming information and learning new tools, you also have to consider everyone around you. How am I reaching the student population with this communication, but how is it also relevant to some of the older generation who are leading and guiding the church?

On episode 043 of the podcast, I have a great conversation with Jeanette Yates. She is going to help us make sense of it all. There are some simple opportunities for you out there to share stories of great things happening at your church, while also bridging each generation gap you may have at your church. In fact, it is the story that speaks to all generations equally. We are wired for stories. So don't miss this episode and how you can more effectively use storytelling in your context to share the great stuff that God is doing in the lives of people at your church.

Some of our conversation boils down to:

  1. Listen with your eyes and ears to find stories in your church.
  2. Look for opportunities to connect the younger generations with the older generations.
  3. Be intentional about asking your team, staff, life group leaders or volunteers about stories going on around you.
  4. Start. Simple step is video on Facebook to tell a story or post a live video. Not aiming for perfection, just starting.

Take a listen here to episode 043 of the podcast.

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