041 - Celebrating Baptisms

What does it look like to make baptism a celebration for your entire church or campus? Why not "go big or go home" when it comes to baptism? Recently I had Eric Metcalf on the podcast to talk about this very topic. He is a campus pastor at Community Christian Church in Chicago. They recently celebrated a huge Baptism Sunday called, "Beach, BBQ & Baptisms." I invited him onto the show to talk more about celebrating these great decisions in the lives of people.

Some of our conversation boils down to:

  1. Celebrate big because a prodigal is coming home and the father is running to them.
  2. Celebrate because if heaven is, then we should be.
  3. Make baptism accessible and simple for people to take that step.
  4. Share stories of life transformation.

Eric Metcalf - https://twitter.com/ericmetcalf

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