037 - Bite-Sized Leadership

Visionary leaders can see the big picture with relative ease. The challenge of leadership is answering the question, "How do we get there?"

Recently I went on a run and bit off a little more than I realized. The only way I was able to finish the run was by breaking the final mile up into chunks of about 100 yards. And sometimes leading toward a 5 year goal can feel like to big of a bite. And in order to achieve that goal of completing the 5 year plan and for the vision to become a reality, you have to break it up into 100 yards at a time. Or in this case, bite-sized chunks.

You may know where you're going in 5 years, but what does that mean for the next 30 days for you? What should your next month look like? What should dominate your calendar and time? What are the most important conversations you should be having? What things should you stop doing in the next 30 days for you to get a little closer to the finish line?

Breaking leadership up into bite-sized chunks can help manage some of the chaos and always gives a sense of progress.