035 - This Question Wrecked Me!

Passion 4 Planting hosted a church planter assessment a couple weeks ago. This was one of the most intense things I have done in a while. Working with four couples to help discern God's call on their next step in life was not a small task. It was a huge task. The couples were fantastic and I know God will do great things through them. But before they will do those great things, God wrecked me with one of the questions we asked them.

Name 5 spaces where someone who doesn't know Jesus knows your name.

This question wrecked me. I immediately began to think for myself what the answer to that question would be. I started writing down those spaces in life for myself to see where I land. I ended up with 4 of 5, but only 2 of them being intentional about actually getting to know people who don't know Jesus. How messed up are my priorities in ministry when that isn't the first thing on my list.

So I have gotten intentional. I am looking for my 5th space. I am getting intentional with my current 4 spaces. And I am challenging you in this question also. Maybe you are way ahead of me and have this one all figured out. I'm sure most of you do, but I was off for sure. Where are 5 spaces in your life where someone who doesn't know Jesus knows who you are and you are there intentionally to get to know them with the purpose and intent of introducing them to Jesus? 

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