029 - All Things Easter Events

Easter is a little over a month away! If this is the first you're hearing about it and you're a ministry leader, you might want to sit down and take a deep breath. Then join the conversation to get some forward movement going toward Easter 2017.

Episode 029 is all about Easter events. You might be getting ready to host a fun event at your church. Maybe an Easter egg hunt. Maybe a photo op with the Easter bunny of some sort. Whatever your event is, there are three key factors to helping make sure your Easter event is a success.

1. Visibility

2. Momentum

3. Next Steps

No matter how amazing your event is. No matter the amazing budget you have allotted for the coolest stuff. No matter the effort put in to making this the best Easter event ever. If you are missing these three things, your event won't produce what you want. If your goal is simply a cool event with no follow up and no one actually showing up, then by all means disregard this podcast. If your goal is to be in front of people, have people show up and connect them to a next step toward your church on Easter Sunday, then you will want to keep these three things in mind as you plan your event.

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*Don't take graphics from other churches or from Google without permission. Use an app like Word Swag to get free stock images, royalty free, so you aren't doing something that at the least is shady and at the worst, illegal.

Don't miss episode 030 when we discuss promoting Easter Sunday. How do you rise above the noise so that people actually see what you are up to on Easter Sunday?