051 - Leadership Development

All pastors should be in the business of leadership development. If you aren't developing leaders around you and preparing people to lead in ministry areas, then you are probably building your ministry around you and limiting your church to whatever you can accomplish. The most important part of leadership development is deciding to develop leaders. After that, it's all about putting it together.

Matt Adair joins me from Athens, Georgia. He is a former National Director for the Acts 29 Church Planting Network. He is currently a lead pastor and coaches leaders through 5 Factors Leadership. In this episode he shares practical insights into how to go about developing leaders.


  1. Leadership development is taking someone who is a leader or potential to be a leader and helping them maximize their potential.
  2. Leaders are all around you. You probably call them volunteers.
  3. One thing that connects all leaders is a sense of competence.
  4. Three development questions: 1. How are you? 2. What are you working on? 3. How can I help you?
  5. To find leaders, clarify what leadership is and what opportunities for leadership there are.


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