044 - Pastor Fit

Pastors and church leaders are all in on conversations about leadership, vision casting, discipleship, multiplication and church growth. But for some reason the rooms go silent and the conversation dies down when the topic of physical fitness is brought up. If the body is the temple of the living God and we are called to be stewards of all things, pastors need to take a fresh look at taking care of themselves physically.

In this episode of the podcast my friend, Greg Oraham, from Pastor Fit comes on the show to share his story. A journey that included a scare with four blocked valves in his heart that lead him to take better care of his body. Now his passion has boiled over for other pastors as he seeks to help them get healthy also. If you are going to lead a healthy church from a healthy place, you need to be healthy yourself. Don't miss this episode. It could, quite literally, save your life.

Some of our conversation boils down to:

  1. Physical fitness should be viewed as a part of your spiritual disciplines.
  2. You need to be healthy to be the best church leader you can be.
  3. Go on an evening walk after dinner. If you're married, walk with your spouse.
  4. Give up sugar. It's probably the worst thing you put in your body.

Take a listen here to episode 044 of the podcast.

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