009 - LIVE From Exponential Regional DC

The Exponential Conference is one of the best conferences I have ever attended. If you are thinking about planting a church, are a current ministry leader or a part of a church network and want to connect to more people, Exponential provides all of that and more. You can find them at exponential.org.

In this episode, I talk to some of the sponsors, volunteers, attendees and speakers at the Exponential Regional event. I hope it gives you a glimpse into what Exponential is like as well as some encouragement to reach out for some of the great resources they offer. You won't regret it.

Best quotes |

"I smile and wave all the time. I'm extremely friendly." Beth Spalding (volunteer)

"I loved it so much, I think I'm going to come back tomorrow." James Parker (attendee)

"We help churches bring their story to life through environmental storytelling." Josh (Wave)

"We are all about starting healthy churches." Dale Spaulding (Passion4Planting)

"It's not about conferences. It's not about learning communities. It's about moving the needle toward multiplication." Bill Couchenour (Exponential)

"I like finding ways to tell stories that haven't been told yet." Don Smith (Wave)

"We have a special program specifically for start up church and mobile churches." Bjorn (National Church Group)

"We come alongside church planters to help them do what God has called them to do." Tom Herrick (Titus Institute)

"I'm empowered to equip others around me." Merton Huff (Attendee)

"Church planting saved my life." Michael Bartlett (Church Planter)

"What I love about Exponential the most, is its a gathering of the church, capital C." Josh Burnett (Revolution Annapolis)

"Stay hungry. Stay humble. Honor people. Rest a lot." Ryan Kwon (Church Planter)

"I love interacting with people from all different backgrounds who all share the same heart for church planting." Neil Wheeler (Waypoint Church Partners)

Great links |

  1. Exponential Conference - exponential.org
  2. Wave - wave.us
  3. Passion4Planting - church-planting.net
  4. New Life Christian Church - newlife.church
  5. The nZone - thenZone.com
  6. Equip Studio - equipstudio.com
  7. National Church Group - ncginsurance.com
  8. Titus Institute for Church Planting - tituschurchplanting.org
  9. The Frederick Project - thefrederickproject.com
  10. Revolution Annapolis - revolutionannapolis.com
  11. Resonate Church - resonatemovement.org
  12. Waypoint Church Partners - waypointchurchpartners.com