003 - Why Churches Should be the Best at Customer Service

Churches should be the best at customer service. Unfortunately, often times, we are not. We invest a lot in the Sunday morning performance; lights, bands, preaching, etc. We invest in kids stuff and weekly programs, facilities, etc. But all that can't compare with treating people better than they expect to be treated.

I had two great customer service experiences that I mention in the podcast. The church needs to be the place where people leave and say, "Wow! They really care about people." The Bible teaches that the cross of Christ is offensive. That Jesus Himself would be a stumbling block for people. In other words, the message that we are messed up humans and we need a savior should be the most offensive thing people hear on a Sunday morning. If the Gospel offends them, that's one thing. If you offend them because you simply don't care enough to try, that's an entirely different issue.

Will Mancini has some great stuff on guest services you can read about here. And here are some other ideas to get you started on having great customer service at your church.

  1. Build a parking lot team to greet and guide new people
  2. Train a volunteer host to act as a tour guide for newcomers
  3. Have your friendliest people at the door
  4. Set aside a specific space for newcomers to get started at your church
  5. Give away a great gift (not a plastic cross with "F.R.O.G." on it from Oriental Trading)
  6. Brew the best coffee (stop with the Folgers already)
  7. Have the best snacks available (we serve Dunkin' Donuts)
  8. Have clear signage that has the guest in mind

Best quote |

"The Gospel might be offensive. You shouldn't be."