001 - Introduction

On this episode of the podcast, my goal is to simply introduce myself. I share my story, where I currently serve and what I am passionate about. 

I was born in 1980 to Stan and Donetta Rodda. I am a 4th generation pastor. My great-grandfather was a church planter on the west coast. My grandfathers, uncles and my father were all in ministry. My alma mater is Central Christian College of the Bible. It is located in Moberly, MO. Central is home for me on many levels. I experienced so much there. Met my wife, was married, received my degree and began my first full-time ministry in that area. My wife's name is Misty. I have three children and a goldendoodle named Gwenny.

I have been doing full-time ministry since graduating in 2002. I currently serve as a campus pastor at a multi-site church called New Life Christian Church outside of Washington, DC. We have three primary initiatives:

  1. Passion 4 Planting
  2. Passion 4 Community
  3. The nZone

We love church planting and being a safe place where people can discover God. These are the three primary initiatives we utilize to make that vision a reality.

I am passionate about developing people. I find more success when people around me are discovering a next step that God is calling them to. One of the things I get the most excited about is helping them take that next step so that they live a full life. Anything related to coaching and developing leaders, I want to be in the middle of.

If I can help you take a next step, feel free to contact me.