012 - Podcast News and Updates

There are some new things happening at Leadership Meets Life. Don't worry. Your podcast feed won't be affected in any way. I will be changing the name of the podcast to "The Stan Rodda Podcast." This allows anyone searching for the podcast by name to find it more easily. If you have been to stanrodda.com then you also know that my social media feeds are all under the name, "Stan Rodda." This will allow for a more streamlined look and feel to the show.

The content will remain the same as we talk about leadership, ministry, church planting, family and more. This podcast will continue to be practical for anyone looking to develop and grow to become the person God has created them to be. Please review this podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. Leave me a comment or a question for future episodes.

But don't go anywhere. More great stuff is on its way. Only this time with a new name. Thanks for listening.