013 - 5 Simple Wins During A Season Of Burnout

Every influencer has a season of frustration, loneliness or burnout. A time when you consider giving up and quitting. I want to encourage you during those seasons with 5 simple wins that you can go after during a season of burnout.

Many leaders give up right before they achieve a big breakthrough. The pressure is too great. There is so much to lose. Those feelings of doubt and despair can empty even the most experienced leader. If you are in one of those seasons, please know this: you are not alone, many leaders have felt similar things to you and that ultimately there is not "easy fix." There are simple steps to take as you work through it, but the overall journey of overcoming burnout can sometimes be long and painful.

So if that's you, feel free to reach out. Contact me on my webpage. Find a trusted friend, colleague or mentor. Share with them what's going on. And get the encouragement and trusted guidance you need to take steps forward. But whatever you do, don't quit. At least not yet. God is teaching you something during this season.