048 - News & Updates

Thanks for being a faithful listener to the podcast. It truly means a lot to me. As we near the holidays, I am going to take a break from the weekly show. I will post a few updates along the way over the next couple of months to stay connected, but the weekly show is going to catch its breath.

That said, I am lining up some great stuff for 2018. I am working on new seasons with great content that will bring value to you, your leadership and your ministry. One of the ways I am doing that is through a short survey. My goal is to hear from you and a little of your ministry story. I also want to know what ministry questions you might have that we haven't addressed on the show. One of the ways I can add value to your ministry is by talking about the things that mean something to each of you. I want to build your questions and topics into the 2018 season of the show.

The survey will only take about 2 minutes to complete. It's short and sweet. I'm really hoping to hear from as many of you as possible. If you want to be a part of making the podcast even better in the coming year, I hope you'll take a moment of your time to fill out the survey.

I look forward to hearing your Thanksgiving and Christmas stories. May God grant you hope and peace in this season. And may God's name receive glory as you point people toward Him.


Survey link - http://bit.ly/2yTjmAe

047 - Digital Bootcamp

Don't let the onslaught of digital changes in the world be the things that prevents your church or ministry from moving forward. While everything in our world is changing at a very fast pace, there are opportunities out there to learn and grow with it.

In this episode, Tom Pounder shares about Digital Bootcamp, an online group that is helping pastors, church leaders and volunteers to grow in their knowledge and application of the digital world. You don't want to miss this episode or what's going on at Digital Bootcamp.

Some of our conversation boils down to:

  1. Learning the digital and online world is a constant learning experience. You never arrive.
  2. There is no shortage of resources available online to learn.
  3. Digital Bootcamp is for anyone with a desire to learn digital tools to expand their reach and to help people come to know Christ.
  4. Digital ministry is an opportunity to disciple someone to serve in this area.
  5. Digital Bootcamp is FREE training for a digital and online world.

Links |
Digital Bootcamp
Tom Pounder
YM Sidekick
Church Marketing Sucks
Social Media Examiner
ProChurch Tools
Jay Kranda
Social Media Church Podcast
Church Communications Group


046 - First Rate First Impressions

It isn't just a cultural idea that the church has to be great at first impressions or guest services. It's more than that. It's biblical. We are called to be great hosts and to love people as strangers. When someone walks into our churches for the very first time, they are likely a stranger. What are you doing to welcome them and help them feel at ease? 

In this episode, listen in on my conversation with Dave Hileman of Waypoint Church Partners. Dave shares great insight and wisdom when it comes to creating a great first impression. Churches can and must do better in this area. With so few people returning after a first visit for a second visit, we need to remove every barrier we can so that they can come and hear from God. This conversation is a great starting point for you and your team.

Our conversation boils down to...

  1. Only 22% of first-time guests will become second-time guests.
  2. Hospitality is a sacred responsibility in the Old and New Testaments.
  3. There's no excuse to not have great signage for people to know where to go next.
  4. A first rate first impression will require training and accountability.
  5. Gather your first impressions team 30 minutes before church to regroup, pray for newcomers and to get pumped up for the day.
  6. Don't lead to not lose volunteers. Lead to find the right volunteers for the role.

Waypoint Church Partners - http://www.waypointchurchpartners.com

Dave Hileman - dhileman@waypointchurchpartners.com

045 - LIVE from Exponential West 2017

I love the Exponential Conference. It's one of the greatest weeks of my year. The networking and friendships that develop are life-changing. The focus of Exponential is simply multiplication. How does the church have an "Exponential" impact on the world? We do that through disciples making disciples who plant churches that will plant churches. Think of a guy like Ralph Moore who has planted more than 2500 churches. That's the kind of multiplication that Exponential is all about. If you have ever thought or dreamed of planting a church, you simply can't miss Exponential. You can find out more on their website at exponential.org.

Follow Exponential on...

Twitter - https://twitter.com/churchplanting

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/churchplanting

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/church_planting/

In this episode I spend time talking to some of the sponsors who help make Exponential happen. They share what it is that they do and where you can learn more. They also share what they love about Exponential. You are not going to want to miss all the great and FREE resources that are linked in this episode. You can see them all below. 

Exponential Sponsors & Resources |

Portable Church - https://www.portablechurch.com

Passion 4 Planting - http://church-planting.net

Gospel Project - https://www.gospelproject.com

Acts 29 - http://www.acts29.com

Disciples Path - http://www.lifeway.com/n/Product-Family/Disciples-Path

Disciple Xchange - http://www.disciplexchange.com

Living as One - https://livingasone.com

Regal Theater Church - https://corporateboxoffice.com/theatre-church

Discipleship.org - http://discipleship.org

Radiant Printing - http://www.radiantprinting.com

Church on Wheels - http://churchonwheels.com

Right Now Media - https://www.rightnowmedia.org

CDF Capital - https://www.cdfcapital.org

Send Network - https://www.namb.net/send-network

New Thing Network - http://www.newthing.org

Wave - http://wave.us

044 - Pastor Fit

Pastors and church leaders are all in on conversations about leadership, vision casting, discipleship, multiplication and church growth. But for some reason the rooms go silent and the conversation dies down when the topic of physical fitness is brought up. If the body is the temple of the living God and we are called to be stewards of all things, pastors need to take a fresh look at taking care of themselves physically.

In this episode of the podcast my friend, Greg Oraham, from Pastor Fit comes on the show to share his story. A journey that included a scare with four blocked valves in his heart that lead him to take better care of his body. Now his passion has boiled over for other pastors as he seeks to help them get healthy also. If you are going to lead a healthy church from a healthy place, you need to be healthy yourself. Don't miss this episode. It could, quite literally, save your life.

Some of our conversation boils down to:

  1. Physical fitness should be viewed as a part of your spiritual disciplines.
  2. You need to be healthy to be the best church leader you can be.
  3. Go on an evening walk after dinner. If you're married, walk with your spouse.
  4. Give up sugar. It's probably the worst thing you put in your body.

Take a listen here to episode 044 of the podcast.

Pastor Fit on Twitter

Pastor Fit website.

Pastor Fit on Instagram.