New York 'Okays' Late-Term Abortion

On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade the New York State Senate and Assembly approved a bill that legalizes abortions up to the birth of the baby. This is truly a dark moment in the history of humanity.

Governor Cuomo signed the bill into law shortly after it was approved in the Senate and Assembly. When it was complete, a roar of applause and celebration came from the New York chamber.

Americans celebrating infanticide.

The horror is real.

The evil is real.

The sin is real.

God allows humanity to walk away from Him. The further humanity walks away from God and into our own desires, the darker our hearts become. We become more blind to the consequences of our actions. Thinking we are living for virtue and morality, when in reality we are walking further from it.

This bill allowing babies to be poisoned to death is cosmically evil. It is also the end result of humanity turning its back on God.

No “imago Dei,” (made in the image of God) no intrinsic value in humanity.  

No intrinsic value, then you’re just a clump of cells. 

Just a clump of cells, then we can dispose of you at our leisure.  

When you strip away the intrinsic value of a human placed on them by God Himself, then civility and value in human life is gone. God is no longer God. We are God. We are in charge of our bodies.

'Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools. And instead of worshiping the glorious, ever-living God, they worshiped idols made to look like mere people and birds and animals and reptiles. So God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. As a result, they did vile and degrading things with each other’s bodies. They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen.' [Romans 1:22-25 NLT]

As the United States becomes more ethnocentric, we also become more futile in our thinking. What we think separates us as superior is in reality destroying the foundation of our society.

This made me pause and ask myself, “How are Christians supposed to respond?”

The 2 P’s

Politics and Protest.

You can use politics and protesting. We all have the right to vote. We make our voices heard in that way. Many Christians I know will send out the addresses of Senators and Congressmen and say things like…

“Write your senators and tell them what you believe.” 

You can always protest. Make some signs and march on Washington. Hold up signs at busy intersections and hope to get a conversation going. 

These options aren’t necessarily bad and for some may prove useful, but I want to suggest a more biblical approach.

The New Kingdom

When Jesus began His earthly ministry He did so by announcing a new kingdom. That the kingdom of heaven was near. Jesus was ushering in something entirely different.  

I am glad that Americans have a voice in how things work in this country. I’m glad that Christians are able to make their voices heard in that process also.

But while we are making our voices heard in the kingdom of America, let’s not forget our primary voice is to be heard in the kingdom of heaven. In the church that Jesus Christ established.

It’s the type of kingdom where Jesus ate with prostitutes and tax-collectors. The type where grace and forgiveness was offered to all. A kingdom where God would reign.

As a Christian, your primary identity is as a child of God in this new kingdom. And I can already hear some of you saying, “Yeah, but...” 

I hear you. Being a member of this new kingdom means little if we aren’t salt and light in the world. If we don’t step up and be light in a dark place.

Here’s what that looks like. 

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Often it seems to me that Christians paint themselves as having all the answers and everyone else is some sort of degenerate.

Many Christians (and non-believers too) have a grace system for themselves and a lost system for others. I want to be treated with grace, but everyone else who makes a mistake, they are lost. We don't offer them the same grace we have been offered.

Why not come alongside the struggling teen or college woman who is in a difficult position? Show her that she has intrinsic value and worth as someone created in God’s image. That her unborn baby is of great value to her and to God. Lovingly show her another option like adoption. That baby inside of her is the answer to prayer for a couple struggling with infertility.

Lovingly show her another option like keeping the baby herself and raising him or her. There are countless stories of mom’s who are so grateful they didn’t go through with their abortions.  

Either way, Christians, stop sitting on your moral high horse. Love your neighbor. Jesus actually meant that.

Fast and Pray

Two of the key spiritual elements that are present in the lives of God’s people when He seems to act in a powerful way are prayer and fasting.

When was the last time you fasted?

I don’t mean intermittent fasting to lose 10 pounds or got busy at work and forgot to each lunch.

I mean intentional fasting and prayer where you spend time humbly before God begging Him to act. Begging Him to transform lives, to reach people for His glory, to transform this nation and it’s thinking. When was the last time you went hungry and as your stomach turned and groaned you got on your knees before God and said, “Lord, I need you more than food. My church need You. Our nation needs You.”

I wonder to what degree God is holding back His mighty power because His people aren’t desperate enough for Him to act. We want to see God work, but only to the degree it’s comfortable for us.

Are you limiting God’s work in your sphere of influence because steps of risk are too uncomfortable? 

We might look around and think the world is going to hell in a hand basket but that shouldn’t stop followers from living out a couple of key principles and commands of God.

Think new kingdom. Love your neighbors. Fast and pray for God’s will to be done. Engage the world and be the light of the Good News of Jesus. 

Pray for New York. 

Pray for our nation.

Pray for our leaders. 

Pray for our unborn.