A Framework for Reading Scripture

One of the things that has always frustrated me are YouVersion reading plans. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are strong and can genuinely help someone in a particular season of life.

Recently however I started a new, 7-day reading plan with my son. It was all about biblical manhood. The devotional on the second day was fairly long. It was covering this idea that we should never lose childlike wonder in our faith. That like curious children we should always explore and push our faith to new levels.

Not bad for the most part.

But then came the Scripture.

One verse.

About worshiping Jesus in spirit and truth.

Nothing about childlike wonder.

Nothing about childlike faith.

One. Verse.

All I’m getting at this point is one man’s opinion and I am missing what God has to say. This approach to Scripture reading is not how we will see a movement of disciple makers in our generation.

If we want to see a movement of disciple making happen in this nation, we must train at much deeper levels than that. Not only train, but bring tools to the table that everyone can reproduce and multiply in another. It has to be able to be accomplished beyond the pastor, or our hierarchy in the church will continue to choke out movement.

We must train our disciples in a framework of abiding in Christ that feeds their soul through the power of the Holy Spirit.

In John 15, Jesus calls us to abide in Him. When it comes to making disciples, I train my disciples to daily abide in Christ through Scripture reading and prayer. This is not always easy but the challenge is to make it a matter of obedience.

I don’t always feel like reading the Bible each day, but because it’s a matter of obedience to Jesus I will. I want to be fed by Christ and abide in Him. I want the same for those I am leading.

One tool to help with that is SPECK. You can read about that here.

I want to focus on another tool. One I learned recently in a disciple making training. There may be a specific name for this tool, but I’m calling it the “Cornerstone Method.” It is a framework for reading Scripture daily based off of Ephesians 2:20 which reads…

“Together, we are his house, built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself.”

One simple way to get people into Scripture daily is by training them to read one chapter daily of each of the following:

  • Old Testament

  • New Testament

  • Gospel

It was the prophets in the Old Testament who pointed forward toward Jesus. It was the apostles in the epistles who taught about and pointed back to the life of Jesus. And it was Jesus Christ Himself, the cornerstone.

Reading one chapter of each daily is an excellent framework to build an abiding lifestyle. You are able to train disciples and help them get a strong, well-rounded look at Scripture. It helps us to not ignore passages that we might struggle with or like less than others.

Personally, I would like to read Ephesians over and over again, but am happy to ignore Leviticus.

This framework gets us into every part of Scripture and establishes the practice of an abiding relationship with Christ.

I want to encourage you to give this framework a shot in your own life. Then as you go, come alongside someone you are discipling and lead them to also make this framework a part of their obedience to Jesus.

Who is someone you need to train to abide in Christ daily?

How can this framework support your disciple making efforts?

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