Top Two Things I Am Investing Time in Before Easter!

easter prep.jpg

It's a crazy time this season right before Easter. There's such a buzz of excitement for the church and what it means in the lives of people. And there's also spiritual warfare that can bring us to our knees. I have personally experienced both this week, but am looking forward to the excitement that comes from being with like-minded believers on Easter morning.

If you are reading this on Good Friday, you only have two more days to get ready. You know what I mean by ready. Ready for Easter. The Big Show! March Madness for the Church! (Side note: We need a bracket for preachers. I'm rolling with Matt Chandler to win it all.) Knowing that here are the TOP TWO things that I would invest my time doing with those precious hours and minutes.

1) Pray! I underestimate the power of prayer. I underestimate the power of bold, specific prayers. The generic, "God be with the day," stuff has to go. That bores me to tears and I'm pretty sure God isn't too awful wound up by them either. But as I only have a couple of days left before Easter, I'm investing them in bold, specific prayer. I invited and challenged my prayer team to the same. 

I'm praying for my neighbor by name. My Hindu neighbor. The one who I walked over to and invited to join me for Easter Sunday this week. The one who needs Jesus. I'm praying boldly by name for Raj. What bold, specific prayers will you pray and who will you be praying for?

2) Vision! Now is the time to share vision with your teams and remind them of the Kingdom mission we are all about to engage in. Your greeters aren't just greeters. They are the smile and welcome that will soften the hearts of men and women who need the Gospel. They are the ones who without maybe ever knowing it, will make an eternal difference. A simple, "Good morning. Welcome to _____________ Church," could echo into eternity in the souls of people.

Your prayer team needs a vision for bold prayers. They aren't just sideline players, they are on the frontline of spiritual warfare for you, your teams, your newcomers and your church. Don't leave them out of the vision for Kingdom-minded mission.

Your band isn't just a band. They are bringing people to the very foot of the cross to surrender and worship. They are creating the environment for life transformation.

Your hospitality team isn't just putting out cupcakes. They are setting the stage to remove all distractions for families so that they can hear clearly from God.

Your children's ministry aren't just babysitting. They are sharing the Gospel with children so that families are all united and aligned in hearing the Gospel message on Easter Sunday. They are also creating the environment where mom and dad can listen to the message without interruption.

I would spend my final hours and minutes over the course of two days, investing in prayer and my teams. Building them up. Preparing them. And sending them out. 

My list of last-minute things to do isn't very big, but they are important. Pray & Vision cast. Hoping and praying your Easter is amazing and that you have had time to reflect on Jesus for your own soul, not just in prep to feed someone else's soul.