It's Deeper Than That!

WARNING: This post contains explicit content.


Across the nation students walked out on their classes in a form of peaceful protest. They are tired of politicians doing little about their safety other than offering "thoughts and prayers." Walkouts happened at both of my son's schools. One of them was on a field trip and wasn't there even if he wanted to participate. The other chose not to. Other students are saying this is not a Republican or Democrat issue, it's a safety issue. And to that I would agree. 

My thoughts on this topic and in this post have nothing to do with a student's right to protest or free speech. They can speak to the issue all they want. If they want to organize and stage peaceful protests in a way that's meaningful to them, that's fine with me. The purpose of this post is simply to dive a little deeper to try and get to the root cause. Because no matter which way I slice it this topic is about so much more than simply gun control, school safety or mental health. It's deeper than that.

One of the reasons is simply the lack of fathers in the home. A social experiment that has had tragic consequences. You can read some of those consequences here and here. There is a very strong connection to those who commit mass shootings and the fact that there isn't a strong father presence in the home. I think this writer shows his integrity right away by republishing after making an error. It's worth the read.

Another reason is quite honestly the rise of mental health issues. Whether they be genetic, or we're simply more aware of mental health issues than before or if they have some link to what we teach our children, ultimately it's a mix of all of them to some degree. And mental health is a topic that has taken center stage. Someone with mental health issues, depression and anxiety, especially mixed in with teenage hormones and missing frontal lobe development, shouldn't be able to get their hands on a gun. We need to do better there.

These are just a couple of the layers. But I want to point something out that happened during the National School Walkout. My wife was on a field trip with my 13 year old son who is in middle school. He didn't participate in the walkout because he wasn't there to participate. It wasn't the walkout that prompted me to write this post, it was the ride home on the bus my wife and son experienced.

All across the nation students were protesting safety in schools. They were making their voices heard. And while they were protesting safety in their schools, this is what my wife and son were experiencing in the bus on the way home. Lyrics to songs that included...

Do your job, give me head.
50 shades of gray, beat that p**** like Hulk Hogan.
Touch my gang we gonna turn this s*** to Columbine.

I want to point out this was a Signet field trip. These are the gifted kids, the brightest at my son's middle school. My wife was completely floored and overwhelmed with emotion all day thinking about this situation. She asked my son if this is how it is everyday and he said, "Yep. Now you get a taste of what I deal with all the time." 

How ironic. While schools across the nation are walking out to protest safety, kids in the bus are glorifying school shootings through the music they listen to. The insanity is obvious. Any step we take forward as a society that doesn't address root causes is simply an exercise in futility. It's like putting a bandaid on a shrapnel wound that is threatening your life. The issue of school shootings and other heinous acts around our society and world are merely the behaviors and consequences that we see on a surface level. But they are symptoms of a much deeper issue that plagues us.

We are morally bankrupt. We pretend there is no right or wrong. Children rule the scene and it's all about them and making sure they are happy. We cater to their every need. We hand them phones, connect a credit card and they purchase all kinds of disgusting and disturbing material without even a watchful eye. There are no truths. You just make your own truth as you go. Our society is bleeding out. The moral fabric has been shredded. 

Benjamin Franklin said it like this,

Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they need more masters.

We will continue to give up our rights and freedoms for the sake of safety. Not because safety isn't important, but because we are not a virtuous people. So as we become more corrupt and vicious at every level, we need more rules, laws and reforms to try and keep people in line. People are no longer choosing to live moral lives because it's the right thing to do. They are choosing to live how they please because they are choosing their own truth. And the result…we are bleeding out morally. And we shouldn't expect to see an end to it any time soon.

To be honest, we have seen this before. It isn't new. It's the history of humanity. At the onset of a time in Israel's history when their nation became more and more corrupt, the Bible actually tells us the root of the problem. It's not a secret. There's no surprise. The last verse of the book of Judges says this,

'In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.' Judges 21:25

They had no king. No leader. No moral authority or guide. Who was supposed to be in that role? God was supposed to be but they chose not to live by His standard. They gave up on God as their moral authority and chose to do whatever seemed right in their own eyes. And it lead them to absolute chaos and destruction. 

We are not better than Israel. We should not be so ethnocentric. We have much to learn from our past. And our past is screaming at us that experimenting outside of God's authority is going to lead us down a very dark path. 

I am not against keeping kids safe in schools. I am not against opening up the door to whatever conversations need to be had. I am not against a student's voice or right to protest. I am not against any of those things. What I am saying however is this, it's deeper than that. I believe the root cause has to do with our rejection of God and His authority in our lives. That we have superseded Him as king on the throne. We will choose what is right and what is truth. And as long as we continue that belief we are simply putting a bandaid on the problems we face while internally we bleed out.