Top Content in 2018!

At the end of each year, I try and share some of the top content from the previous year. Maybe you missed a blog or podcast episode and you want to go back and check it out. Maybe you read or listened but couldn’t remember what that one was called. Below are the Top 5 posts from the blog and podcast episodes.

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Top 5 Blog Posts

  1. It’s Deeper Than That

  2. Foundation of a Disciple Making Movement

  3. Five Components to Having a Gospel Conversation

  4. Takeaways from the National Disciple Making Forum

  5. Disciple Making and the Person of Peace

Top 5 Podcast Episodes

  1. Lessons Learned from Exponential Conference - Episode 057

  2. Disciple Making Movements - Episode 059

  3. Storytelling and the Generation Gap - Episode 043

  4. Light in a Cyber World - Episode 055

  5. Passion 4 Planting - Episode 058

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